Sea-Sick: Legal Remedies for Cruise Ship Passengers Affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic

by Monica PECHOUS 31 December 2021

Since December 2019, over 3,600 people have been infected with coronavirus or coronavirus-like illnesses aboard cruise ships. Whether infected or not, many passengers assert that cruise lines negligently handled COVID-19 outbreaks on board ships, posing a significant risk to their health, safety, and emotional well being. Various laws, including the Death on the High Seas …More


International Maritime Organisation Framework on Cyber Risk Management – a Case for a Comprehensive Legal Framework

by Bisola OGUNDARE Gbenga AKINWANDE 31 December 2021

The global maritime industry continues to embrace information technology and operational technology in automating its processes. Increased digitalisation has brought about cyber vulnerabilities, opening the door for cyber-attacks. Cyber-attacks can have serious consequences for crews, ships, and cargos, including casualties, loss of control of ship and ship or cargo hijacking. This research paper examines and …More


The Legal Situation of the Shipwreck Nuestra Señora del Juncal: Ownership and Protection Under International Law

by Carlos A. CRUZ CARRILLO 31 December 2021

On 31 October 1631, the Spanish galleon Nuestra Señora del Juncal succumbed to a storm and sank near the coasts of Campeche (Mexico). From a legal perspective, Mexico and Spain retain a legal interest over the wreck as coastal state and flag state, respectively. This article examines the legal situation of the wreck in the …More