COLREGs and Autonomous Vessels: Legal and Ethical Concerns under Canadian Law

by Marel KATSIVELA 13 July 2021

The present study focuses on legal and ethical questions raised with respect to autonomous – more specifically remotely controlled and fully autonomous – vessels and COLREGs under Canadian law. The legal questions revolve around issues such as whether an autonomous vessel may be qualified as a vessel under COLREGs and whether an autonomous vessel can …More


Repressing Piracy off the Nigerian Waters: Lessons from Korea

by Kalu Kingsley ANELE 13 July 2021

Literature on piracy in Nigeria abound. However, limited insights have been suggested on how to effectively enforce antipiracy legislation through an enhanced institutional regime, from a comparative perspective. This study interrogates the significance of well-equipped and well-trained maritime regulatory and security institutions in enforcing antipiracy instruments in Nigeria. Thus, the study comparatively analyses Nigeria and …More


A Strategic Proposal for Malaysia With Respect to the South China Sea Arbitration

by Jessica MAZZEO 9 June 2021

China has claimed sovereignty over the islands and archipelagos within the South China Sea dating back to 1947 when the ‘eleven-dash line’ was first published by the Nationalist government of the Republic of China. Malaysia is one country that is particularly impacted by China’s claim, which includes the Spratly Islands, a major pathway for global …More