Issue 07 2019-2020

The EU Maritime Security Strategy and Climate Change: The Case of Maritime Transportation and New Challenges Ahead

by Borja MONTES TOSCANO 13 August 2020

Climate change has become one of the most critical concerns for mankind and urgent action is needed. The European Union (EU) Global Strategy of 2016 also considers climate change as a severe factor that may disrupt economic growth and endanger both citizens and territory. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) sought, but failed to reach, a …More

Issue 07 2019-2020

Appropriate Measures at Sea: Extraterritorial Enforcement Jurisdiction over Stateless Migrant Smuggling Vessels

by Thea COVENTRY 20 December 2019

The recent migrant crisis in the Mediterranean Sea has clearly revealed the unclear legal basis for interdicting stateless migrant smuggling vessels in international waters. Despite claims to unilateral enforcement powers by some Western states, the law of the sea does not provide a strong jurisdictional basis for seizing such vessels outside territorial waters. Western destination …More