Montreux Convention on Turkish Straits

Issue 12 2023

Turkish Straits: Recent Adjustment of Transit Charges and Safety of Navigation

by Selim CIGER 1 August 2023

The Turkish Straits are one of the most congested and dangerous natural waterways in the world and recent developments have placed additional strain on safety of navigation. Previously, it has been argued that certain steps would improve transit safety and that the expenditure involved in realizing these measures could be financed through a proportional increase …More

Issue 06 2019-2020

Turkish Straits and Safety of Navigation: the Case of the Vitaspirit

by Selim CIGER 15 July 2019

The Turkish Straits remain one of the most congested and perilous international waterways in the world. There have been a great number of incidents, resulting in physical damage, pollution and loss of life. A recent accident, where the bulk carrier ‘Vitaspirit’ suffered engine malfunction and crashed into the Bosporus coastline, has once again demonstrated the …More