unmanned vessels

Issue 08 2021

COLREGs and Autonomous Vessels: Legal and Ethical Concerns under Canadian Law

by Marel KATSIVELA 13 July 2021

The present study focuses on legal and ethical questions raised with respect to autonomous – more specifically remotely controlled and fully autonomous – vessels and COLREGs under Canadian law. The legal questions revolve around issues such as whether an autonomous vessel may be qualified as a vessel under COLREGs and whether an autonomous vessel can …More

Issue 04 2018

The Effect of Unmanned Vessels on Canadian Law: Some Basic Legal Concepts

by Marel KATSIVELA 13 October 2018

For the first time, the possibility exists for ships to navigate the world with no person on board. Unmanned vessels promise safer and less costly navigation at sea. However, arguments have been made that electronically operated devices may malfunction or be defective and that the cost-savings they operate may be offset by the cost of …More