Issue 11 2022

Fighting Fisheries Crime in Spain: A Critical Analysis from an International Law Perspective

by Victor Luis GUTIÉRREZ CASTILLO 29 December 2022

Many governments face the problem of IUU fishing. Spain is a state party to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) and has comprehensive spatial planning compatible with international norms. In its maritime territory, the penal code is applied according to the legal regime applicable the different areas and within limitations …More

Issue 06 2019-2020

An Incident of ‘Piracy’ off the Coast of Suriname? The Definition of Piracy and the Use (and Misuse) of International Law Terminology

by Jessica SCHECHINGER 7 October 2019

According to media coverage, a ‘pirate attack’ took place off the coast of Suriname in April 2018. This submission assesses whether the violent incident meets the definition of piracy under international law, reviews different (legal) definitions, and highlights the importance of the location of the attack. It is argued that the use of the term …More

Issue 02 2016

EUNAVFOR Operation Sophia and the International Law of the Sea

by Efthymios PAPASTAVRIDIS 15 April 2016

EUNAVFOR Operation Sophia was launched in summer 2015 in order to combat the smuggling of migrants in the South Mediterranean Sea, as part of a more comprehensive response by the EU to the ongoing and increasing refugee crisis in Europe. Its mandate includes the interdiction of vessels suspected of engaging in the smuggling of migrants …More