Issue 08 2021

Repressing Piracy off the Nigerian Waters: Lessons from Korea

by Kalu Kingsley ANELE 13 July 2021

Literature on piracy in Nigeria abound. However, limited insights have been suggested on how to effectively enforce antipiracy legislation through an enhanced institutional regime, from a comparative perspective. This study interrogates the significance of well-equipped and well-trained maritime regulatory and security institutions in enforcing antipiracy instruments in Nigeria. Thus, the study comparatively analyses Nigeria and …More

Issue 06 2019-2020

An Incident of ‘Piracy’ off the Coast of Suriname? The Definition of Piracy and the Use (and Misuse) of International Law Terminology

by Jessica SCHECHINGER 7 October 2019

According to media coverage, a ‘pirate attack’ took place off the coast of Suriname in April 2018. This submission assesses whether the violent incident meets the definition of piracy under international law, reviews different (legal) definitions, and highlights the importance of the location of the attack. It is argued that the use of the term …More

Issue 03 2016-2017

Regulating Private Maritime Security Companies by Standards: Causes and Legal Consequences

by Marc-Antoine CARREIRA DA CRUZ 22 December 2017

The quest for international legal instruments capable of regulating private maritime security companies (PMSCs) efficiently has been previously explored in-depth, but few scholars or practitioners have anticipated the rise of a new kind of regulation instrument coming from outside the traditional circles of regulators composed of states, international organizations and the maritime industry. Traditional international …More

Issue 03 2016-2017

The Human Rights and Maritime Law Implications of a Piracy Ransom Ban for International Shipping

by Sofia GALANI 30 June 2017

Piracy for ransom remains a significant maritime security threat adversely affecting the interests of the shipping industry, maritime trade and the welfare of seafarers. The profits made by pirates through ransoms have led to several states, including the United Kingdom, to argue in favour of an absolute ban on ransom payments to pirates. These proposals …More

Issue 03 2016-2017

Against a Uniform Definition of Maritime Piracy

by M. Bob KAO 6 October 2016

Many scholars argue that a major obstacle to eradicating the global problem of maritime piracy is the lack of a uniform definition of piracy. Their chief concern is that without a uniform definition, it is difficult to formulate responses on a systemic and global level. This article contends that having multiple definitions of piracy for …More

Issue 02 2016

The Arctic Sunrise Arbitration and Acts of Protest at Sea

by Maria Chiara NOTO 10 March 2016

The present article analyses the Arctic Sunrise arbitration, which concerns the lawfulness of the boarding and seizure of the Dutch-flagged vessel, Arctic Sunrise, during a protest against the oil rig Prirazlomnaya in the exclusive economic zone of the Russian Federation. Even though the Arctic Sunrise vessel was three nautical miles from the rig, the Greenpeace …More

Issue 02 2016

“Pirates, but not of the Caribbean”: The French Private Ship Protection Act

by Philippe GRIMAUD 10 March 2016

After comparing the legal frameworks related to piracy with those of Europe’s main countries, the French legislator recently released a comprehensive set of rules in order to allow ship-owners to embark protection teams aboard merchant ships in an effort to prevent pirate attacks. As this kind of economic activity implies specific skills and liability linked …More